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Hi, I am Susan. 我会说中文。
Let's do this math and you will know my age.
I've been studied at national schools for the number of years as twice of the age I started school. I spent one third of my years at national schools at university which is half of the years I worked as a well-trained private school teacher. I am a full time home tutor and a prestigue online tutor at the moment since year 2018. My total teaching experience which I started when I was at my second year of university till now, it's a already 15 years. 

My major expertise is Additional Math. At Tutor2u platform, I am offering scheduled classes which the classes are planned according to the national syllabus schedule and these classes are to be conducted regarding to the plan. I also offer private sessions to cater students who need help on certain topic, the session is to be conducted to clear student's doubts.

Please refer to the table below for my scheduled class and check out my availability schedule if you need a personal coaching.

Subject Slot Fees (RM)
Private session  Mon, 8pm to 8.45pm 180/4sessions
  Tue, 7pm to 7.45pm 180/4sessions
  Tue, 8pm to 8.45pm 180/4sessions
  Thu, 8pm to 8.45pm 50/session
  Fri, 7pm to 7.45pm 50/session
  Fri, 8pm to 8.45pm 50/session
subject to
Sat, 9am to 9.45am 60/session
Sat, 10am to 10.45am 60/session
Sat, 11am to 11.45am 60/session

For private sessions, please make your reservation 2 days in advanced and email me the questions before class started.

Any inquiry, please do not hestitate to contact me via email:

See you soon!