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Consider as the youngest Y-generation tutor~ Y Keong !!!!!!

Passion on teaching mathematics subjects.
Able to use Mandarin, English, or Malay to guide.

Free to Consult Mr Chee, Grab it NOW !!!
Day Time Description
Saturday 8:00pm-8:30pm
Lower Secondary Mathematics
(1 user / session)
Sunday 8:00pm-8:30pm
Upper Secondary Mathematics /
Additional Mathematics
(1 user / session)

Graduated from University of Malaya, studied Pure Mathematics as degree course and further the study on diploma of education.

Was being a tutor to teach Mathematics and Additional Mathematics as preparation for SPM. Also being daycare teacher to guide primary school pupils on Mathematics for 2 years.

Recently finished practical on National Secondary School (SMK) by teaching Form 1 and Form 3 Mathematics.

My teaching style:
- Gains more on mathematical concepts easily and detaily instead of memorizing the formula.
- Revision by constructing the mind-map, encourage students to review what they learnt.
- Felexibility for students to bring out some questions (include HOTS), and discuss with them immediately.
- Giving topics chapter by chapter, or by relevant contents (Eg: Algebra, Geometry, Stastitics, Financial Mathematics, Discrete math, etc.)