General questions
Tutor2U is an e-tuition platform connecting students and teachers from across Malaysia, providing a one-stop solution for students to browse, book, and attend e-classes, as well as subscribe to an array of learning materials prepared by teachers for any subject or topic of your choice. Students can receive on-demand academic resources from teachers anywhere in Malaysia as well as administrative support by Sasbadi when booking or subscribing to the services on Tutor2U.
Find a course by searching for the subject you are interested in or by browsing categories. Subscribe a course of your choice! Once you find the right course you can subscribe and then enjoy the course within the duration that have been set. The Course Fee for any Online Course at any given duration will be displayed on the Website. Upon receipt of an payment confirmation, you will be able to access the Online Course purchased and for the length of time such access will be made available to you.

In Tutor2U, tutors and students meet to study online. Here's a simple step-by-step description of how they go about doing it:
  • Tutors post their offers with information about their experience, pricing, availability and contact information.
  • Students search through offers to find a tutor most suitable for them.
When they find a tutor, they check his or her available class. Once they find the right tutor and class they can schedule and book the lesson in advance. At the scheduled lesson time the tutor and student log into Tutor2U and hold the lesson using online classroom. They carry on with the lesson until Tutor2U indicates that their time is up.
Both the tutor and the student should be logged into their accounts in Tutor2U. During a lesson tutor decides if he or she wants to use the online classroom which gives the opportunity to teach many subjects - languages, math, chemistry, physics and much more. Tutor2U makes no restrictions, only keeps track of the time and informs them when it is up.
There are 4 main offerings on Tutor2U:
  1. Live Classes: Tutor2U enables students to book live classes with a teacher for any subject or topic of his/her choosing. The platform provides a ready-to-use digital learning environment complete with a virtual whiteboard, real-time communication and content management system. Each class will take up to a maximum of 3 students at a time, for optimum results.
  2. Blended Learning: Following a flipped-classroom format, Tutor2U also allows students to subscribe to digital learning contents which may be a combination of videos, notes and assessments prepared by a teacher. The materials are distributed ahead of time followed by a scheduled class for review and discussion, creating a dynamic and interactive learning experience, conducted in a live class format.
  3. Learning Modules: Through Tutor2U, students may also subscribe to pre-built, high quality learning modules of various forms; covering a wide range of topics which can be subscribed at an affordable price. Learning modules may be in various forms, such as pre-recorded videos, notes, assessments, activities, etc.
  4. Consultation Hour: Tutor2U also offers consultation time listed by a teacher. The consultation time allows students to have a live class session with tutors to ask any questions related to the subject listed by the teacher. This will be done via live video communication.
Tutor2U has lots of unique features which help make studying or teaching online easy and fun.

Online Courses Tutor2U enable anyone anywhere to create and share educational courses (Tutor) and to enroll in these educational courses to learn (Students).

Online classroom Tutor2U gives you the opportunity to carry out the whole lesson on the platform. With this solution you can learn and teach any subject - every foreign language, math, chemistry, physics and much more.

Schedules You don't have to worry about keeping your schedule. Tutor2U will remind you of upcoming lessons by email notifications. At any time you can also check your calendar to see all future and past lessons.

Quality All tutors are interviewed and screened by Tutor2U which ensure that they can provide quality service.

Personal space All information about the subjects you study or teach, your tutors and students, past and forthcoming lessons, payments etc. is organized in your account for fast and easy access.

Payments Tutor2U 's system for tracking payments and easy method of sending and receiving payments makes all your financial arrangements as trouble free as possible.

Lesson Planner & Sharing materials During a lesson tutors can share materials - pictures, documents or even videos - with their students.

Other Features... Explore Tutor2U for yourself and find many more features designed to make your online studying experience easy and fun.
Students / Parents
Yes, registration is completely free!
Easy, simply logon to and fill in the form. After you have successfully submitted the form, please check your inbox for an email from us and click on the link to verify your email address. After that, you may log in to your account and begin using Tutor2U immediately!
To start learning with Tutor2U, follow these simple steps:
  • Register Tutor2U User account!
  • Find a course by searching for the subject you are interested in or by browsing categories. Subscribe a course with the tutor or subject of your choice! Once you find the right course you can subscribe and then enjoy the course within the duration that have been set.
  • Find a class / tutor. You can do this by searching for a keyword e.g. "Math" or browsing through categories.
  • Schedule a lesson. Check the schedule of the tutor you have selected. Check the price offered by the tutor and book the lesson. You can book the class with either credit or debit card, Bank Transfer or i-LEARN Ace Exchange Point. If the teacher offers it, you can schedule a short, free test lesson.
  • Wait for the lesson. Tutor2U will remind you some time before it starts. When the time comes, log into Tutor2U account. Enjoy! Of course if your tutor for some reason doesn't show for your lesson, your money will be refunded.
If you have booked a lesson as a Student, you can see all the details in your Learning profile. You can easily access each lesson details in your Lessons section or simply check your Calendar.
No, you don’t. Tutor2U has a built-in video call plug-in for live classes. We also have a virtual classroom complete with a virtual whiteboard and screen-sharing capabilities to facilitate e-teaching and learning.
Yes, you can access Tutor2U your computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet with an operating system that has a microphone and video camera. However, for an optimum learning experience, Tutor2U recommends students use a device with a minimum screen size of 7”.
All tutors will go through a vetting process and training before they are allowed to come on board as a tutor to provide their tuition services and learning materials on Tutor2U.
Yes, we accept tutors that teach students from any type of school for primary and secondary school levels. You may browse through the live classes and learning modules listed by teachers for resources that suit your needs.
Tutor2U leaves it entirely up to the tutor to determine the price of their live class/learning module listings, with a minimum requirement of RM30 for Live Classes and Consultation Hours.
You pay for a lesson at the time of booking.

You always pay in advance, but a tutor can withdraw money only after a lesson is finished. Of course if your tutor doesn't show up for a lesson, you won't be charged.

Remember to log into Tutor2U before or at the latest during a lesson.

At any time you can see all your previous payments in your account Payment History.
If the lesson has started, and your tutor was absent. You will be refunded for the lesson charged and the tutor will not be able to claim payment
Live classes may take up to a maximum of 3 students at a time. This is to ensure that each student is able to engage with the tutor and have a high level of interaction to achieve the learning objectives.
We believe that you should pay for products and services that you have received. We consider it fair that if tutors have done all they can to teach a student, they should receive payment. We also understand that sometimes lessons do not go as expected. That’s why we a Tutor2U Money Back Policy.

What we will do

If you and your tutor agree that the lesson did not go satisfactorily, and that there should be no charge, we will arrange for a full refund to your Tutor2U account.

If you and your tutor disagree about payment, we will investigate accordingly and make a decision based on our sole discretion.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will do all that we can to sort out the problem as quickly as we can, and we will keep you informed of our actions.

We will inform you of the outcome of any investigation by email.

What you need to do to ask for your money back

Click the Feedback button.

Fill in with the information required:
  • Date and time of lesson
  • Reason for requested refund
  • Are you and your tutor in agreement?
A refund request must be submitted within 72 hours from the time your Live Class has ended or from the time you subscribed to a Learning Module. We reserve the right to make any changes to our Money Back Policy, which will be published here. Any abuse of this policy will not be entertained and we reserve the right to reject the request for refund and/or blacklist unethical users.